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 for the insurance industry
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Per 24 februari heeft Solera Nederland de activiteiten van Colimbra overgenomen, inclusief de activiteiten van VolmachtBeheer.
  • About us

    Colimbra is an innovative IT partner that develops, manages, implements and maintains software.

    We are your conversations partner when it’s about process innovation, distribution solutions and practical automation solutions.

    Internet solutions for insurance companies:

    • The solution for the exchange of messages and documents
    • Chain integration translated to practical solutions
    • More than 150.000 calculations per week
    • Proved solutions for complex problems
    • Decisively ICT partner for insurance companies
    • Modulair extranet for each system
    • Digital concept for serving consumers

    From vision to solution!

  • Our products

    Front- and mid-office solutions

    For insurers Colimbra realizes extranets and front office environments. Contact us if you want to know what the benefits of a Colimbra extranet are for your organization.

    Messaging & document sharing

    Colimbra knows everything about chain integration. For years Colimbra has developed smart solutions for electronic messaging and document exchange. These applications help insurers to benefit from chain management.

    Customer Service Concepts

    Most consumers are fully accustomed to organize their financial affairs digitally and online. There is therefore a need for an online customer environment where your customers have the opportunity to monitor, manage and modify insurances 24/7. Colimbra realizes the digital policy safe, suitable for PC and smartphone/tablet accessible with a secure digital identity IDVerzekerd or eID.

  • Our method

    Colimbra is an innovative IT partner who develops, manages, implements and maintains software. All solutions of Colimbra help insurers to increase effectiveness, reduce costs and improve service.

    Colimbra specializes in process innovation, distribution solutions and practical automation solutions. A solution that allows operation of multiple channels and support of all ways of distribution. From a clear vision of the insurance market that Colimbra translates into practical solutions for the industry and for individual insurers. This applies to every area from data exchange to front office applications and connecting to various chain integration initiatives. Between insurers, between insurers, brokers and underwriting agents, and between the insurer and end customers.


    • Decision maker in the insurance IT

    • More transparency and efficiency


    • Effective IT solutions for insurers

    • Market knowledge and technological expertise


    • Dedicated and able partner

    • Collaboration that improves your service

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